Thursday, June 3, 2010

KAAE Essay Contest Results

The Kansas Association of Agricultural Educators (KAAE) Essay Contest challenges students to submit a 500-word essay expressing their opinions on a current topic. This year, the object was to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper asking for letters of support from community members to be written to state legislators supporting agricultural education.

The top ten students in the KAAE Essay Contest were announced during the second session of the 82nd Kansas FFA Convention Thursday morning.

1st- Andrew Strasburg, Fredonia FFA
2nd- Ashley Meek, Mission Valley FFA
3rd- Kristen Golden, Crest FFA
4th- Johanna Ryckert, Paola FFA
5th- Esther McCabe, Fredonia FFA
6th- Abby Baker, Fredonia FFA
7th- Kristen Henningson, Columbus FFA
8th- Tessa Louk, Crest FFA
9th- Justin Haun, Fredonia FFA
10th- Shonda Unruh, Moundridge FFA

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