Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leadership Information Testing Results

The Leadership Test is handed out at each district leadership school in the fall. 

The top ten individuals from last fall's testing are as follows:
1st (tie)- Logan Britton, Labette County FFA
1st (tie)- Kurt Lockwood, Caney FFA
3rd- Sara Schifferdecker, Girard FFA
4th- Tyler Egbert, Girard FFA
5th (tie)- Katelyn Vincent, Girard FFA
5th (tie)- Kayla Clapp, Caney FFA
7th- Zoey Zeigler, Hill City FFA
8th- Samantha Nickelson, Hill City FFA
9th- Brock Burnick, Girard FFA
10th- Austin Price, Girard FFA

The top ten teams were:
1st- Girard FFA
2nd- Hill City FFA
3rd- Labette County FFA
4th- Caney FFA
5th- Riverton FFA

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