Friday, June 3, 2011

Kansas FFA recognizes members, elects new leaders in final day of 83rd Kansas FFA Convention

Inspired members fill McCain for the last day of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention. Several members wait anxiously in audience to hear of their fate of their run for the Triple Crown, State Star, and State Office.

2010-11 State Officers conclude year of service to Kansas FFA

The 2010-11 Kansas FFA State Officer team completed their year of service today with the conclusion of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on the Kansas State University campus. The team presented workshops and speeches challenging high school students to serve their community and “Infinite Potential” in the spirit of this year’s convention theme.

2011-12 State FFA Officers Elected

Kansas FFA members elected their 2011-12 State FFA Officer team at the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention June 1-3 on the Kansas State University campus.

The team includes:
  • President: Jordan Pieschl, Ell-Saline FFA
  • Vice President: Alexis Wingerson, Smith Center FFA
  • Secretary: Kurt Lockwood, Caney Valley FFA
  • Treasurer: Justine Dlabal, Wilson FFA
  • Reporter: Nathan Laudan, Paola
  • Sentinel: Cole Smith, Plainville FFA
As State FFA Officers, they will travel across the state sharing their passion for leadership, service and agriculture. Together, they will present workshops and conferences challenging FFA members to serve their community and the agriculture industry.

Outstanding FFA members recognized in Stars Over Kansas Pageant

FFA members were awarded the state’s top honors of Kansas FFA Star Farmer, Star in Ag Placement, and Star in Agribusiness during Friday's final session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on the Kansas State University campus.

Each year, the Kansas FFA Association recognizes three FFA members who have the top Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs with the Star Farmer, Star in Agribusiness and Star in Agriculture Placement awards.
  • Star Farmer: Kaden Rousch, Smith Center FFA
  • Star in Ag Placement: Dalton Black, Buhler FFA
  • Star in Agribusiness: Nicholas Peckman, Paola FFA

Wilson FFA wins Triple Crown for second year in a row

The Wilson FFA Chapter received the prestigious Triple Crown award, for the second year in a row, on Friday at the final session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention.

The Triple Crown award is given to the FFA chapter that performs the best in the National Chapter Award program, which recognizes chapters that actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization in three separate divisions: Student Development, Chapter Development and Community Development. Awards are given in each of these three areas in the divisions of bronze, silver and gold. Chapters in the gold division qualify as finalists for the Triple Crown.

Wilson FFA will receive $300 and the Garlow Memorial Trophy, which is sponsored by the Bill Garlow Family in memory of past Kansas FFA officer Bob Garlow.

Runners-up were as follows: Riverton, second; Goessel FFA third; Hill City FFA, fourth; and Ell-Saline FFA, fifth.

Andrew Strasburg gives state president's retiring address

Andrew Strasburg, state FFA president, Fredonia FFA, delivered his retiring address, "Livin' the Life," during the final session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 3.

“I wanna rock.” Thank you Manhattan! You all just witnessed a killer performance. You should know how lucky you are to have a rock star as high caliber as me. The one and only Andrew Strasburg. I have been called a rock legend, idol, world-class performer and superstar. So, I understand people’s fascination with me, that they want to be me, to live my life, drive my car, sleep in my house, and eat my food. I was born to rock and rock is exactly what I do. The fame, the fortune, getting everything I want, my life is the definition of rock.

State Degree Recipients Awarded

The Kansas FFA Association bestowed the State FFA Degree on 207 members from across the state this morning at the 5th Session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention.

The members were awarded the golden charm of the State degree, representing growth and development in their chosen occupations. The charms were sponsored by the Kansas Electric Cooperatives.

View a full list of members awarded the State FFA Degree after the jump:

Kansas FFA thanks sponsors for support

The Kansas FFA Association would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who make what we do possible. Our conferences, developmental programs and functioning of the association would not be possible with the support of our generous sponsors. It is because of you that FFA members are able to develop into young passionate leaders of the agricultural industry. Thank you for everything that you give.

State Officer Slate Announced

Garrett Lister, immediate past State FFA President and member of the Nominating Commitee announced the slate for 2011-2012 State Officers during the fifth session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention.

The slate is as follows:

For the Office of Sentinel:
Jordan Hildebrand, Stafford FFA
Cole Smith, Plainville FFA

For the Office of Reporter:
Nathan Laudan, Paola FFA
Mckenzie Gee, Stafford FFA

For the Office of Treasurer:
Annelle Chestnut, Clay Center
Justine Dlabal, Wilson

For the Office of Secretary:
Kurt Lockwood, Caney Valley FFA
Amanda Parks, Holcomb FFA

For the Office of President:
Jordan Pieschl, Ell-Saline FFA
Alexis Wingerson, Smith Center FFA

Delegates will cast their ballots and the winners will be announced this afternoon during the final session.

FFA member wins John Deere Gator

Congratulations to Crystal Cooper, Clay Center FFA, winner of a John Deere Gator 625iXUV.

Jeff Cather delivers retiring address as state reporter

Jeff Cather, state FFA reporter, Chaparral FFA, delivered his retiring address, "Work Never Hurt Anyone," during the fifth session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 3.

“Jeff, can you hear me?!” shouts my dad. As I lay in bed, I think to myself, “of course I can hear you Dad, I’m not dead.” It’s 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning and I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be than my bed. But my dad continues to shake me like he is trying to get the last drop out of an A1 steak sauce bottle. Slowly, I get out of my bed and try to come alive. I struggle to put my contacts in because I can barely open my eyes. I move lethargically around my room as I pull on layers of clothes to stay warm against the -10 degree wind chill. I finally make my way to the garage, put on my boots, and head out the door to make the trip to the farm. There are cattle to feed, fences to check, and ice to break. All before church at 9:30. It is time to work.

FFA Members Share Musical Talents

A select group of FFA members are preparing to lend their musical abilities to entertain the thousands of members and guests at the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention this week on the Kansas State University campus. State Convention Band and Chorus are made up of 34 and 37 members, respectivley

In order to participate in these select ensembles, members were required to submit audition tapes and recommendations from their local music instructors.

The State Convention Chorus, directed by Zac Malcolm, Clay Center Community High School and accompanied by Anne Wicoff, will performed during the third convention session, on Thursday at 2 p.m. Under the direction of Yvonne Colle-Burden, Medicine Lodge High School, and assisted by Kris Brenzikofer, Clay Center Community Middle School, the State Convention Band performed a concert at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, prior to the fourth convention session. Both groups will present encore performances during the final convention session on today at 2 p.m.

A full list of the State Band and Chorus participants can be found at:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Students, Teams succeed in Career Development Events

Congratulations to the FFA members and chapters who here honored for their success in CDE’s and other competitive events during the first two days of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention.

Winners were recognized on stage as follows:
  • Prepared Public Speaking: Mckenzie Gee, Stafford FFA
  • Extemporaneous Public Speaking: Lindy Billberry, Garden City FFA
  • Creed Speaking: Kevin Lewis, Centre FFA
  • Ag Issues: Arkansas City
  • Quiz Bowl: Girard
  • Parliamentary Procedure: Winfield
  • Job Interview: Alexis Coberly, Chapman
Congratulations, and good luck at National Convention!

FFA Supporters Recognized with Honorary State FFA Degrees, VIP Award

Longtime supporters and friends of the Kansas FFA were recognized during the Fourth Session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention.

Receiving the Honorary State FFA Degree:

  • Ben Cherry, RiverStar Farms, Mercedes, Texas
  • Dick Rae, RiverStar Farms, Mercedes, Texas
  • Bill Harlan, Manhattan, Kan.
  • Linda Chase, Wellington, Kan.
Alva Burch was also recognized with the VIP Award. Burch is retiring as the agricultural education instructor and FFA advisor at Holcomb High School after 40 years of teaching.

Scholarships Awarded

Members from across the state were awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships during today's Third Session.

View a list of all the scholarship recipients.

Second day of 83rd Kansas FFA Convention filled with awards, music, motivation

Day two of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention came to an end after three exciting sessions of recognizing the successes of chapters and individuals in the past year and listening to the powerful messages from National FFA Vice President, Shannon Norris, and charismatic motivational speaker, Patrick Maurer.

Kassie Curran gives state vice president's retiring address

Kassie Curran, state FFA vice president, Girard FFA, delivered her retiring address, "Live Your Life," during the fourth session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 2.

24—a number that can be connected to a TV drama series, my softball number when I was 8, the number of carats in pure gold, Kobe Bryant’s Lakers jersey number, or more commonly and most importantly as the number of hours in a day. Ultimately we all have just 24 hours to live our lives each day. Sleep, school, sports practice, practice for an upcoming CDE, work, cruise Main Street for a while, a little TV time, and a list of chores a mile long including dishes, laundry, feeding the animals, and doing homework—a day in the life. How do you spend your time? No matter how many times we say, “I wish I had more time” or “There just aren’t enough hours in a day” we are not going to get anything more than 24 hours. As mentioned in the song “If Today Was Your Last Day,” each day is a gift and not a given right. We have no guarantees of the time we have here on Earth. We cannot wait for tomorrow to begin living our lives, it will be too late! How do we maximize the 24 hours we have today? By living in appreciation, living outside the box, and living above the line we can truly live our lives.

Finalists announced for John Deere Gator drawing

The pool of Kansas FFA members who could leave the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention with a John Deere Gator 625iXUV has been narrowed to 10.

Johanna Ryckert delivers state treasurer's retiring address

Johanna Ryckert, state FFA treasurer, PaolaFFA, delivered her retiring address, "Beyond Your Limits," during the third session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 2.

When I was younger I was a girly girl. I loved wearing humongous hats… big poufy dresses and even liked playing with barbies. Movies like Thumbelina and Beauty and the Beast were among some of my all time favorites. And if everything were pink or purple that was just fine with me. But there was one problem… I had no other girls to play with. All my cousins were boys and Rich was a brother… not a sister. Life was rough as the only girl. The boys just never understood where I was coming from or wanted to do the things that I wanted. At our Granddad’s 80th birthday party they locked me in a closet because I couldn’t keep up with them; breaking free I loudly complained to the entire party that “My life was over.” This was just one example of how brutal the boys were to me.

Anthony Meals gives state secretary's retiring address

Anthony Meals, state FFA secretary, Clay Center FFA, delivered his retiring address, "Lost?" during the second session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 2.

There is only one piece of equipment that makes it on all top ten survival lists. The item can cost anywhere from ten dollars at Wal-Mart to over $100 at a specialty outdoor equipment store. It tells us where we need to go, redirects us if we get lost, and it is never wrong. There are plenty of stories out there about how it has saved the life of a lost hiker or an overzealous bushwhacker. That piece of equipment is the compass.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

83rd Kansas FFA Convention kicks off with inspirational messages, CDEs, career fair

The first day of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention featured an opportunity for high school students to explore potential careers; recognition of student success in the FFA creed speaking, agricultural issues and parliamentary procedure career development events; and a challenge to members from former national FFA officer and agriculture instructor Barrett Keene.

Sara Schifferdecker gives state reporter's retiring address

Sara Schifferdecker, state FFA reporter, Girard FFA, delivered her retiring address, "Fuel," during the opening session of the 83rd Kansas FFA Convention on June 1.

Everyone has a dream car. Some want a shiny new Camero, or maybe an old Mustang. Some want an incredibly fast Viper, or even a flashy Corvette. I wanted a… pickup truck? You know the kind I am talking about: loud, 4-wheel drive, jacked-up, park-on-the-curb type of truck. My love of trucks began long before I was old enough to legally drive. From the age of five, I knew I would be a truck girl. I still distinctly remember the one-ton cherry red dodge ram I created in kindergarten when asked to draw a picture of my dream car. Fourteen years later, I have the same “bigger is better” mentality and rule the road from behind the wheel of an F150 affectionately known as “Betty.” Betty has some pretty cool features, but my favorite is the fact that she is a FlexFuel truck; she can run on regular fuel as well as e-85 ethanol. Her engine is built to use either substance, but there are downfalls to each one. If I fill Betty up with e-85, I pay much less, but my fuel is slightly less efficient. We all know how expensive regular, unleaded fuel is. A tank full of this might require me to sell a kidney, but makes Betty as fuel-efficient as possible. I wish there was a happy medium between the two.

Speech CDE Finalists Announced

Finalists for Extemporaneous Public Speaking Career Development Event:
Finals to be held Thursday, 11 a.m., K-State Alumni Center
    • Lindy Bilberry, Garden City
    • Laird Goertzen, Goessel
    • Ryan Coulsen, Chapman
    • Samantha Wagner, Paola
    Finalists for Prepared Public Speaking Career Development Event:
    Finals to be held Thursday, 1 p.m., K-State Alumni Center
    • Jody Baragary, Tonganoxie
    • Mckenzie Gee, Stafford
    • Theo Kassebaum, Centre
    • Ali Thurman, South Barber