Wednesday, May 30, 2012

84th Kansas FFA State Convention Kick off with CDEs, Career Fair, and inspirational messages

Motivational speaker Kyle Scheele speaks to
FFA members about living out their own adventures and
taking charge to write their own life stories.

The first day of the 84th Kansas FFA Convention featured an opportunity for high school students to explore potential careers; recognition of student success in the FFA creed speaking, agricultural issues and parliamentary procedure career development events; and a challenge to members from former national FFA officer and agriculture instructor .

The opening session welcomed Kansas FFA members, advisors and guests to Manhattan and announced the first of many individual and team honors that will be granted to members during the week.

Kevin Lewis, Centre FFA, was recognized as the top individual in the Creed Speaking Career Development Event, with , Lane Coberly, Chapman FFA, placing second; Meredith Reitmeier, Labette County FFA, placing third; and Nellie Kassebaum, Centre FFA, placing fourth.

The Springhill FFA was honored as the top team in the Ag Issues CDE and the Holton FFA took home top honors in the Parliamentary Procedure CDE. The Labette County FFA Chapter won the Leadership Quiz bowl finals over Girard FFA. The Labette County FFA was recognized as the top chapter in the Career Development Events Sweepstakes. Louisburg FFA was second, followed by Paola  FFA, Buhler FFA and Winfield FFA.

All members in attendance were challenged by the message to tell better life stories with their lives delivered by kick-off speaker Kyle Scheele. Scheele is from Springfield, MO and lives his life by following his dream of being an inspiring speaker, writer, and youth expert who has challenged thousands of teens across the nation to live better stories.

Following the session, members enjoyed either the FFA Night at Manhattan Town Center with pizza and dancing or the Hypnotist Show by Ray Thompson.

Earlier in the day, members attended the 11th Annual Convention Career Show and interacted with agribusinesses and other professionals to learn more about their future opportunities after high school graduation.

Convention continues tomorrow with recognition of the 41 proficiency award winners who were selected for accomplishing specific career goals in their supervised agricultural experience programs. The top individuals in the prepared and extemporaneous speaking career development events will be announced and the recipients of the honorary degree and distinguished service award will be recognized. Thursday evening convention attendees will hear from keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby.

Kurt Lockwood delivers state secretary's retiring address

Distinctively Original

Compete in any and everything, you bet! For most of us, competing has become part of of our everyday routine. Who can get to the car first, who can guess the song on the radio, who can get the highest score on Temple Run and the crown jewel, who can shove the most marshmallows in their mouth and the list can go on … you all know what I am talking about. Competition helps push and drive us to do our ultimate best and reach maximum potential; it would be safe to guess however, like some of you I often get carried away. Allowing the word competition to get blurred into a similar sounding word, comparison. Comparing myself to those around me and allow the fear of being inadequate to eat away at me. Unlike competition where I am striving to be my best, comparison only makes me strive to be better than the others around me. In our society, we are constantly looking for the next best thing and the need to do and be better. Often becoming focused on simply being better than the others around us. Instead of comparing ourselves to the others around us we should look for growth inside ourselves and be who we are. If we identify who we are and choose to be who we are then the blurry line between competition and comparison becomes more clear.

CDE Finalists

Finalists for Ag Issues Career Development Event:
Finals took place 10:30 am Wednesday
  • Springhill
  • Marysville

Finalists for Par Law Career Development Event:
Finals took place 9 am Wednesday

  • Holton
  • Winfield
  • Paola 
  • Wilson
Finalists for Job Interview Career Development Event:
Finals took place at 11 am Wednesday.
  • Casey Adams, Chapman
  • Vicki Dukart, Buhler
  • Cheyenne Patton, Lawrence Free-State
  • Beth Mercer, Riverton
  • Audrey Green, Stockton
  • Kandi Voorhees, Labette County
Finalists for Quiz Bowl:
Finals to be held Wednesday, 6:30 pm, McCain Auditorium
  • Girard
  • Labette County 
Semi Finalists for Quiz Bowl were:
  • Buhler
  • Marian

Speech CDE Finalists Announced

Speech CDE Finalists Announced

Finalists for Extemporaneous Public Speaking Career Development Event:
Finals to be held Thursday, 11 a.m., K-State Alumni Center
  • Hannah Richmeirer, Holcomb
  • Abbey Wolter, Atwood
  • Shannon Maxwell, Holton
  • Samantha Wagner, Paola
Finalists for Prepared Public Speaking Career Development Event:
Finals to be held Thursday, 1 p.m., K-State Alumni Center
  • Abbey Wolters, Atwood
  • Justin Haun, Fredonia
  • Lindy Bilberry, Garden City
  • Dana Schulz, Central Heights
Finalists for Creed Speaking Career Development Event:
Finals to be held at 3pm on Wednesday, K-State Alumni Center
  • Lane Coberly, Chapman
  • Nellie Kassebaum, Centre
  • Dean Klahr, Holton
  • Meredith Reitmeier, Labette County