Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kansas FFA members participate in State FFA Band

A select group of FFA members use their musical abilities to entertain members and guests at the 85th Kansas FFA Convention this week on the Kansas State University campus.

In order to participate in this select ensemble, members were required to submit audition tapes and recommendations from their local music instructors.

The band was directed by Yvonne Colle-Burden, Medicine Lodge High School, assisted by Kris Brenzikofer, Marais des Cygnes Valley High School. The band performed two concerts during the convention May 29-31.

Members of the State FFA Band are as follows: Arkansas City: Elyssa Day; Blue Valley: Kyle Apley, Michael Olson; Central Heights: Sabrina Carlson; Chapman: Don Parks; Clifton-Clyde: Jonathan Wurtz; Fredonia: Bryant Worcester; Hill City: Whitney Herman; Holcomb: Dalton Nicholson, Madisen Sater; Linn: Blaine Joonas; Marais des Cygnes Valley: Julie Heslop, Jessica Meade, Robert Nance; Medicine Lodge: Kali Thompson; Mission Valley: Drake Sackrider; Natoma: Breanna Eulert-Manrose, Doran Griffin; Republic County: Nickalous Baxa, Waylon Sheetz; Sabetha: Brandi McCoy, Emily Meeks, Nicole Pfrang, Caleb Strahm, ; Southwestern Heights: Jacie Butler.

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