Thursday, May 30, 2013

State Proficiency Award Winners

Students excelling in their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs were recognized with State Proficiency Awards during the second session of the Kansas FFA convention on Thursday. Winners are as follows:

Agricultural Education
Bethany Schifferdecker, Girard
Sponsored by Larry Gossen Family (State)

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication
Mike Pieschl, Ell-Saline
Sponsored by Abilene Machine (State)

Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems
Tyler Schultz, Goessel
Sponsored by Solomon Corporation (State)

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Entrepreneurship
Austin Hiebert, Newton
Sponsored by Heritage Tractor, Inc. (State)

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Placement
Peter Wild, Newton
Sponsored by Heritage Tractor, Inc. (State)
Agricultural Processing
Faith Johnson, Paola
Sponsored by Santa Fe Trail Meats (State)

Agricultural Sales – Placement
Cassandra Homan, Winfield
Sponsored by Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission (State)

Agricultural Services
Ethan Schwarz, Oakley
Sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Kansas (State)

Beef Production – Entrepreneurship
Marcus Cox, Chapman
Sponsored by Schu-Lar Herefords, LLC (State)

Beef Production – Placement
Jacob Cope, Marion-Florence
Sponsored by McPherson County Feeders (State)

Dairy Production – Entrepreneurship
Audrey Schmitz, Axtell
Sponsored by Kansas Farmer Magazine (State)

Dairy Production – Placement
Tanner Gasper, Lakeside
Sponsored by Kansas Dairy Commission (State)

Diversified Agricultural Production
Andrea Mattas, Wilson
Sponsored by Triangle H Grain & Cattle Company (State)

Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship
Claire Bokelman, Washington County
Sponsored by Kansas Corn Commission (State)

Diversified Crop Production – Placement
Andrew Walck, Holcomb
Sponsored by Kansas Crop Improvement Association (State)

Diversified Horticulture
Alexis Coberly, Chapman
Sponsored by Hummert International (State)

Diversified Livestock Production
Rylan Laudan, Paola
Sponsored by McPherson County Feeders (State)

Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management
Gustin Pachta, Republic County
Sponsored by Midwest Ford Dealers (State)

Equine Science – Entrepreneurship
Janell Ptacek, Wilson
Sponsored by Zenger Management (State)

Equine Science – Placement
Jennifer Wisniewski, Paola
         Sponsored by United Mosquito and Fly Control, LLC (State)

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production
Aaron White, Labette County
Sponsored by Kansas Soybean Commission (State)

Forage Production
Jackson Turner, Holcomb
Sponsored by Kansas Forage and Grassland Council, Inc. (State)

Forest Management and Products
Tyler Kasl, Republic County
Sponsored by Landoll Corporation (State)

Fruit Production
RaeLynn McClelland, Mission Valley
Sponsored by Turner Flowers LLC (State)

Goat Production
Jessica Rudell, Oakley
Sponsored by Riffel Family Show Goats and Animal Health International (State)

Grain Production – Entrepreneurship
Adam Johnson, Chapman
Sponsored by Kansas Wheat Commission (State)

Grain Production – Placement
Drew Miller, Chapman
Sponsored by Kansas Wheat Commission (State)

Home and/or Community Development
Kristina Heinrich, Wilson
Sponsored by Seitz Gift Fruit, Inc. (State)

Landscape Management
Stone Hayden, Chapman
Sponsored by Lawrence Landscape (State)

Outdoor Recreation
Charlie Romero, Labette County
Sponsored by Mr. Larry Lyder (State)

Poultry Production
Ashleigh Shields, Labette County
Sponsored by Cal-Maine Foods Inc. (State)

Sheep Production
Emily Harris, Abilene
Sponsored by Harris Show Lambs (State)

Small Animal Production and Care
Ashley Stewart, Washington
Sponsored by Animal Health International (State)

Specialty Animal Production
Kacy Schlesener, Mission Valley
Sponsored by Prairie School Farms (State)

Swine Production – Entrepreneurship
Skyler Glenn, Scott City
Sponsored by Kansas Pork Association (State)

Swine Production – Placement
Kyle Anderson, Chapman
Sponsored by Kansas Pork Association (State)

Turf Grass Management
Jayce Phelps, Prairie View
Sponsored by Sod Shop Inc. and Mike & Jodi Guetterman (State)

Vegetable Production
Kayla Gore, Lawrence Free State
Sponsored by DuPont Pioneer (State)

Veterinary Science
Jenna Bogner, Labette County
Sponsored by Kansas Veterinary Medical Association (State)

Wildlife Production and Management
Dayton Allen, Mission Valley
                               Sponsored by Kansas Wild Turkey Federation (State)

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